The ONE Agency for Media Channels (Blog, Magazine, Local News, Podcast) and Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces

OODIENCE (pronounced Ooh-diense and derived from "audience") is a team that specializes on one end goal: getting media channel owners (like you?) an optimal, better than market-rates sale for their business.

In short, we sell media Companies (blog, publisher, content site, magazine, newspaper, local media, hyperlocal news, podcast) and peer-to-peer or 2-sided marketplaces.

We work with you, the Seller, in either an immediate-to-market, maximized sale or the earlier, strategic steps leading up to it, including growth strategies, optimizing your business for the sale, exit advisory for a business that you intend to sell either in the next few months or next couple of years.

OODIENCE maintains a 100% deal-success rate (industry average is 38%). Valid as of January 2020. 

First - What we do is only relevant and of value to the following 4 groups

Media Channels.

Publisher. Content Site. Authority Site. Blog. Newspaper. Magazine. eMag. Podcast. Content Creator.

Local Media.

Hyperlocal News. City Guide. City Blog. Local News.

P2P Marketplaces.

Peer-to-Peer or 2-Sided Marketplaces and Communities.

Strategic Buyers + Investors.

Corporate VC buying a brand-channel. Established brands buying for market-share. Investment portfolios in media/marketplace.


You don't need a "Broker"...

What a business-broker or brokerage firm does is a sub-set of what we do. 

A business broker is often sales or real estate license trained and understands the formalities of selling your business but not the business itself. Most often they haven't built a successful company (or any company) of their own, use a financials based (limiting) valuation and work on a "listings" model whereby they take on a maximum number of Sell-side clients, nearly always across a wide-mix of industries (no specialization) and simply promote their "listings". 

... That all works, to the tune of 38% (industry reported deal-success averages). And often results in deals selling for less than they should (not maximized valuations), while all taking longer than they should.

OODIENCE beats industry averages on:

  • close success rate (100%)
  • maximized sale price (based on a complete asset profile not just financials)
  • shorter time on market (quicker deals due to a heavy team, time, resources investment on our end) 

While OODIENCE is a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) intermediary , we're a specialized demand-generation agency that brings nearly two decades of successful online business development experience, with a team of industry-veterans to the process. 

We approach each of the Seller clients as a Campaign. We invest team, time, resources to the successful sale of the company we represent. 

Much more importantly - we live, eat, breath "media".

You understand your readership and audience best, but we understand your business model

We know where the value lies, what your full asset profile looks like, what the leaks in your growth strategy or monetization are,  where the leverage opportunities are to grow your metrics - and how much you and your team's tireless work is REALLY worth.


Two Ways To Work Together


"Valuation, Audit, Growth Advisory and Business Development Strategy" -- This can include an audit of your business (leaks, pros, cons, leverage points), a valuation (your current potential sales price as a range), growth and business development strategy to grow your metrics, audience growth tactics and implementation... strategy and solutions to understand what you have and specifically what to work on ensure an eventual maximized sale.


"Sell-Side Representation" -- After our own on-boarding, we provide a clear understanding of the process you can expect. We provide audit, valuation and various parts of what the "Strategy" services include but within the timeline limitations of when you'd like to have the business sold by. We build the full campaign, create all presentation materials and put together the deal room. We generate the demand, followup, presentations, negotiations. At closing, we coordinate legal and escrow. In short - we build a complete Campaign to generate multiple qualified offers for your business.

For service details and fees/prices structure or any other questions, message us.

All enquiries and communications are treated as strictly confidential. 

Tell us a bit about what you have now (high-level, no need to disclose any sensitive details) and what you'd like to achieve and we'll let you know if/how we can help and what that would look like in terms of work, timeline and costs.



  • 100% success rate across 36+ deals. (valid as of January 2020)
  • Specialized focus and knowledge of media channels and p2p marketplace businesses
  • We work with deal sizes in 2 categories: $50,000 - $300,000 and $300,000 to $20million. 
  • Successful blog and magazine (sales): mom blog, raw foods, teen writing magazine (print + digital), gluten-free recipes blog, marketing industry news + blog channel...
  • Successful local media (sales and advisory): Austin city blog, San Antonio community news, Budapest tourism channel, Houston family events blog... 
  • Successful p2p marketplace or community: learn English Q&A site with 250million past visitors, 8million Euro learn language p2p markteplace...
  • Expert (CEO/CMO)-level advisory for growth and strategy from nearly 2 decades of online business experience, 150+ previous marketing clients, over 300 media channel + marketplace companies analyzed including growth hacks, monetization strategy.
  • We understand content creators and publishers and the importance of today's attention currency and audience assets.
  • International experience with team across Canada, USA and Europe.
  • Global clients. Our buyers and sellers have been from USA, Canada, UK, Hungary, Malta, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia.
  • In-house database and network of investors, private equity, family office, sovereign wealth fund and independent Buyers. 
  • Data-centric marketing and expertise in "enterprise level" contact/lead generation - we utilize Competitive Intelligence tools, market research indicators to identify and connect with Strategic Buyers.
  • Audit and valuation based on a full asset profile - everything you've put into the business, not just a financials multiple.
  • Our revenue strategies have created "best months" for clients for up to 6x of their previous best-months' earnings.
  • We're presented to, met with or negotiated with deals teams and buyers from: Time Inc, Amazon, Pearson, Chegg, Audible, Virgin Media, Spotify, Sennheiser, CBS Interactive, XO Group, Shazam (and a very long list of others)...
  • Very human, high-touch approach for our clients (Seller) and with our Buyers to identify and facilitate a win-win, best fit.
  • Valuable referral network of management consultants (including EY), industry advisors, media-specific service agencies, brokers...
  • Particularly strong Buyer-interest in local media, city guide, city blog, hyperlocal news.
  • OODIENCE is the only agency of its type - combining Mergers+Acquisitions and "brokerage" services with specialized sales (demand generation) and growth hacking knowledge for media + marketplace company owners.

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